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Sports Massage

  • Sports massage is modality of remedial massage, it is mostly used with athletes to improve recovery, prevent or identify potential injuries.
  • A therapist needs to work closely with you and your coach on a regular basis so that we can get to know and understand your needs better.
  • This allows us to know exactly what you require, at the right time so you can be at your best when it matters.

Designed Around Your Training

  • During treatments I will employ a variety of techniques depending on the phase of training or competition you’re in.
  • If you’re in a heavy training load or competition phase then, we would use more specific recovery type modalities i.e. long deep gliding, myofascial cupping or RockTape.
  • During lighter loads or when it is known that you have a day off, then we can use remedial based techniques to assist you, to increase Range of Movement, (RoM), or improve functional movement, i.e. running gait, by releasing muscles that may be inhibiting the movement, knowing you have time to recovery before your next session.

Sports Competition Massage

  • Pre; getting you ready and fired up for the game or event, by stimulating the muscles & nervous system,
  • Intra; during the game or event, whilst on the interchange or between heats, to get you ready to go back on, and
  • Post; immediately starting the recovery process after finishing a match or competition, this helps you to wind down, increase blood & lymphatic flow, relax the muscles and speed up recovery, so you’re ready for the next session or game.sports massage

Regular massage for athletes has been shown to improve; flexibility, RoM and decrease pain, it can also assist to speed recovery, increase time to fatigue, reduce cramping and calm the nervous system during a heavy training phase.

Whether you’re a full time or part time athlete, bodybuilder, CrossFitter or gym goer, regular sports massage would be beneficial to your overall recovery and health maintenance program.

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