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remedial massage

Remedial Massage

  • Remedial massage is the umbrella term for a range of massage modalities, including sports massage, myofascial release, deep tissue and trigger point therapy.
  • A remedial massage session will generally also include some initial physical assessment of your RoM, injury or condition along with some Q&A and palpating the specific areas to identify any tightness of myofascial trigger points.
  • This will give the us a better understanding of how your injury or symptoms have developed over time, and will assist us in designing your individual treatment program.
  • A properly applied remedial massage session will include using several different techniques to achieve the best outcome possible, a session may also include, if the therapist is qualified, Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling, Myofascial Cupping or applying RockTape to improve desired results.

Remedial V’s Relaxation Massage

  • Remedial massage differs greatly from relaxation or therapeutic massages that generally provide a flowing treatment to the entire body leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
  • A remedial massage assessment and treatment will focus in on your specific ailment and what may be causing it.
  • Many symptoms that people may suffer from and think they just have to live with, such as; headaches, loss of RoM or pain/injury in a muscle or joint that changes the way you move or live.
  • These are often caused by tight muscles that have become over worked due to our modern lifestyles and working environments, causing poor posture and repetitive movement patterns that shorten muscles that aren’t being used to their full length or capacity.
  • A correctly designed remedial massage program can help reset your muscles and joints, enabling them to function properly with reduced or no pain.

Specific and Chronic Conditions

  • Remedial massage can also help people that suffer with specific conditions to assist them in managing their pain and ongoing symptoms.
  • Conditions that regular massage can assist with, include but is not limited to; Scoliosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) and Fibromyalgiaremedial massage

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