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Can I claim on my private health insurance?

Yes, Palmerston Sports Massage have a HICAPS / EFTPOS terminal and Jason is a registered provider, so you can claim from your Private Health Fund at the time of appointment and pay the gap. Please contact your Private Health Insurance provider to ensure your extras cover includes remedial massage.

Why do you need to assess my movement and ask questions about my lifestyle?

This allows me to assess what muscles or joints are tight, and why your injury or pain is occurring. Knowing your lifestyle habits help to paint a bigger holistic picture of how you move on a daily basis that may be contributing to your symptoms.

How long does the assessment take?

This will depend entirely on what your symptoms are and how bad they present. Generally most assessments will take between 5 – 10min, I try not to take long, to give you more time on the table.

What are your treatments/massages like?

In one word, targeted, I keep treatments specific to your requirements and hone in on what’s causing your symptoms. You will also find my session informative and educational about your body and its systems.

How much time will I have to spend doing the home program?

In most cases no more than 20min per day is required, this can be easily achieved whilst you’re watching TV. But, this is entirely up to you and how badly you want to be pain free.

Will I be sore afterwards, if so how long for?

Yes, you will potentially be sore following your session, this will reduce over several treatments. In most cases the soreness will only last for 48hrs before subsiding, a bit like when you get sore after training. Your home program will assist with speeding up your recovery.

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