Putting Diesel in your Ferrari

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Who here owns a Ferrari or any other Super Car?

I do and have since I was born…………… You’re probably thinking you rich spoilt bastard.

I’m not talking about the exotic super car that’s built in Maranello Italy, I’m talking about you………

Yes. YOU!!!

Let that sink in for a second…………

The human body is one of the most advanced machines on the planet, even yours, so advanced that we still don’t fully understand how it functions and performs certain feats, we learn new things everyday. The way it works, heals and its operating system (OS), is second to none. But just like a Ferrari, how you look after and maintain it, will affect the overall performance of your Super Car.

System Inputs

What if you actually did own a Ferrari, how would you look after it, what type of fuel would you use? Would you use the best available mechanic for servicing or backyard Bob? What about driving it, Nanna style or do you want to unleash its full potential?

These inputs can come from a variety of different sources such as environment, climate, work or nutrition and can massively improve or impair your everyday performance. System inputs need to be consistent with the requirements of your OS, no two people are identical, if inputs aren’t consistent then potential injuries or illness can and will happen.

You may be thinking what does this have to do with me, I’m not an athlete or even regular at the gym; However, I’ll tell you it has everything to do with you.  Regardless of your physical prowess we are all human, we all have the same physiology and if we don’t look after it, it’ll make you pay big time!


Think about how you’re living right now. How stressful is your life right now? Do you take time out to recharge and refresh regularly? Are you, living to work or working to live?

If you train right now, do you use it as a stress release after work. Keep in mind that even though physical stressors are positive, they’re still a stress on the system and only serves to compound negative stress, taking a day off won’t end the world.

Think about using lower impact methods at the gym on super stressor days like cycling, walking or light running. Even better, start using meditation or breathing techniques that can guide you into improved control, calmness and relaxation. I’m currently test driving the Wim Hof Method and the Head Space Apps. I’ll post a review of my results soon.


One of the biggest issues facing the human race right now is a lack of functional movement. Our bodies love to move and require quality functional movement to heal itself, that’s right I said heal itself. When you’re not moving enough or using your system optimally the body will adapt to this lack of stimulus. Our body systems are built to be efficient, so if it senses over time that its parts aren’t being used, it will simply reduce their capacity, so it doesn’t have to waste vital energy maintaining it. This then starts to affect other systems or muscles eg. take sitting at a desk for work, the front, anterior shoulders become shortened and tight due this position. As a result this places the back, posterior shoulders onto “stretch/tension” thus causing poor posture, headaches or long-term shoulder issues.

This doesn’t mean you need to be going to the gym everyday and completing intense training sessions. Simply getting out daily to walk or hike, complete a stretching or mobility session and include some body weight exercises, this is enough to improve your health strength and stimulate system healing. Sounds simple enough, but if you think about it, when we started out as cave people we didn’t do much different to this and we’ve survived this long.


Currently, one of the most debated and researched topics on the planet right now has to do with Nutrition.  Whenever I get asked about nutrition, I always lead with the question: are you ready to dive down that rabbit hole? There are just so many “experts” offering various and differing opinions that it can be hard to figure out the best option for you. Over my 25+ years of involvement with elite sports and Personal Training (PT) I finally settled on a nutrition path 7 years ago that suits my lifestyle and training habits.  It does take some trial and error to nail it down though.

Where can one start?

With the basics of course! Try to reduce or cut out any excess sugar, dairy and grain based products and trade them for natural foods, fruit, berries, vegetables, meats and healthy fats. This seems so simple doesn’t it? It is!  These are the foods that have always helped us as an animal to grow and develop into what we are today. When we eat this way, we will find that we reduce food quantity and become less obsessive about food.

Remember what you’re putting in your mouth daily needs to support what you’re asking your body and system to achieve, no more and no less.

So, you wouldn’t go treating a $200,000+ Super Car like a paddock basher, so why do we treat our bodies, the thing we can’t replace, like we can trade it in for a new model once we’ve worn it out?!

“Food, lifestyle and functional movements can be the most powerful medicine”

Author Bio. Jason has extensive experience in Sport and Physical preparedness for over 25 years, including Elite level cycling as a competitor.  He has also coached physical resilience and soldier rehabilitation in the Australian Military. He has been practicing Remedial Massage for the past four years and is professionally interested in musculoskeletal pre/rehabilitation, athletic performance and recovery methods for an improved quality of life.

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